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PT. Sarana Mitra Inti Global

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PT. Sarana Mitra Inti Global (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Penjelasan RingkasKami adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang penyediaan bahan-bahan kimia untuk aplikasi sebagai berikut : 1. Coating & Ink 2. Personal Care 3. Pharmaceutical 4. Home Care 5. Car Care 6. Industrial and Institutional 7. Adhesives 8. Textilles Auxiliriaries 9. Emulsion and Polymerization 10. Plastic and Rubber 11. Oil Lubricant and Metal Cutting Fluid 12. AgrochemicalsProduct chemical as follows : 1. EDTA 4 Na 2. DEG 3. MEG 4. TEG 5. MORPHOLINE 6. HYDRAZINE HYDRATE 7. MOLECULAR SIEVE 8. KOH/ POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE 9. CUTTING OIL 10. ACETIC ACID 11. METHANOL 12. SMT 13. THINNER SERIES 14. MONO SODIUM PHOSPHATE 15. TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE 16. CALCIUM PROPIONATE 17. PROPHYLENE GLYCOL 18. GLYCERINE 19. STEARIC ACID 20. LAURIC ACID 21. ETHANOL ABOSOLUTE 22. ETHANOL FOOD GRADE 23. OTHERS. Produk / Jasa UtamaAjak Kerjasama : KANGEN WATER MACHINE Kangen Water Machine levelux sd 501 is product pioneer produced by Enagic Ltd, Japan since 1974.As Enagic Independent Distributor is looking for a new partnert as distributor/ reseller for Machine Levelux SD 501.For any further information please fee free to contact me.Thank youMST


Ruko Golden Palm No. 27, Jakarta Barat 11830 Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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